Trisha Yearwood Takes on Sinatra With Tribute Album ‘Let’s Be Frank’

Let's Be Frank

With the Feb. 15 release of Let’s Be FrankTrisha Yearwood fulfills a long held creative goal. Out on the three-time Grammy winner’s own Gwendolyn Records, the collection pays homage to the legendary Frank Sinatra and the classic songs that permeated Yearwood’s Georgia childhood.

To create the project, Yearwood retraced Sinatra’s footsteps. “I went to Capitol every morning and said hello to 55 musicians and we recorded it live. It was amazing,” Yearwood tells Billboard of recording in Hollywood’s Capitol Records studios in Hollywood where Sinatra himself crafted his catalog.

“You would think that all of the stuff that Sinatra touched at Capitol would be behind glass and you could never touch it, but it’s all used,” says Yearwood, who recorded with Sinatra’s microphone. “I knew that I wanted to record there because it’s so iconic for so many reasons. That’s the place where he made 99% of those records. They always put a chair in the vocal booth for you. It’s this tall stool from the ‘50s and there’s pictures of him sitting on it. And the podium that the conductor stands behind, the same one that they used in those days, it has a nostalgia about it. When you walk in you just feel it.”

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